HPLC, GC & GCMS Preventative Maintenance / Service & Verification.

Baseline Technology Ltd specialise in the service, repair & qualification of HPLC (High Pressure/Performance Liquid Chromatography), GC (Gas chromatography) and GCMS (Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometry) instruments.

With over 30 years experience covering all major manufacturers in the chromatography industry, we are the number one choice for GC, HPLC and GC-MS servicing.

We cover most makes, including:

Agilent, Hewlett Packard, Perkin Elmer, TSP, Shimadzu, Jasco, Thermo, Dionex, and many more

Baseline Technology provide first rate contract cover throughout the whole of the UK, overcoming distance through realistic charges and offering excellent free telephone support to our contract customers.

Preventative maintenance is vital in avoiding breakdowns and manufacturing down time, and is essential to ensure your machines are perfoming as they should. To keep things simple, we offer two forms of service contract:

PM1 ~ One annual service visit, for day labs and instruments under normal use.

PM2 ~ Two annual service visits, for shift labs and instruments under heavy use.

Your quotation is based on the instruments you wish to cover including on site labour and travel. Parts used are charged additionally - why pay for parts you don't need?

Included with every service contract:

  • Discounted breakdown labour charges, as well as access to a large stock of parts and consumables.
  • Free telephone support: we will always attempt to solve your problem over the telephone first, saving you both time and money on call outs.
  • Free loan instrument where available, should we need to remove your equipment from site for longer periods of time.

Why choose us?

  • Our work is backed up by a full service warranty and is always carried out by qualified and experienced engineers.
  • All of our electronic test instruments used during servicing and repairs are calibrated to NAMAS traceable standards.
  • Comprehensive parts kits are carried by all of our engineers and include not only the standard service consumables but the parts which, in our experience, can commonly fail.
  • Each service visit is fully documented with a signed service/repair sheet produced for every instrument, containing details of actions taken and parts replaced, with a duplicate copy maintained in our offices in your customer history file.
  • Any unexpected problems requiring additional labour or non-standard service spares are brought to the customer’s attention prior to any work being carried out. So there are never any nasty surprises when the bill comes!
  • All of our services are backed up by solid processes, proven to ISO9001 standards.
ISO9001 Certified

No contract? No problem, we can still carry out a full service on your instruments based on either an hourly, or day rate. Though to take full advantage of the benefits listed above, why not take out an annual service contract?

By separate agreement we can offer a full Performance Qualification as an optional upgrade.

Read more about our comprehensive OQ / PQ method.

We carry out the following standard procedures with every service package:

HPLC Service / Preventative Maintenance

  • Visual inspection for correct installation, damage or risk.
  • Pump seals replaced, flow rate accuracy checked over 2 flow rates, pressure zero, upper & lower cut offs tested.
  • Detector wavelength accuracy and energy measured across 2 peaks, lamp replaced if necessary.
  • LC autosampler seals replaced, reproducibility CV produced over test 5 samples.
  • Oven temperature accuracy checked at 2 settings.
  • Integrator linearity checked across 4 settings.
  • System pressure/leak tested.
  • Cooling fans, joints and connections checked, cleaned internally and externally, lubricate where required.

GC Service / Preventative Maintenance

  • Visual inspection for correct installation, damage or risk.
  • Injector stripped and cleaned, seal & liner checked, replaced if necessary.
  • Detector stripped and cleaned, worn parts replaced, voltage/resistance checked.
  • Gas lines & connections leak tested.
  • Gas flows measured.
  • Cooling fans, joints and connections checked, cleaned internally and externally, lubricate where required.

GC-MS Service / Preventative Maintenance

  • As GC (above) with the following:
  • Ion source stripped and cleaned, parts replaced where necessary.
  • Rough pump oil and filter changed.
  • Vacuum system checked for leaks.
  • Tune checked.

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Established 1996.


Breakdown support with 24-48 hour business day callouts for our contract customers.

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Specialist servicing and preventative maintenance carried out by experienced professionals.

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