Operational Qualification.

Users of chromatography equipment will no doubt be aware that there are a number of factors that can affect the reliability of their analysis. One of these is whether the system is performing as it should be. To determine this, a series of tests called 'Operational Qualification' can be carried out.

Baseline Technology provide a complete and thorough series of tests to provide complete peace of mind that your instruments are providing reliable and accurate results. Operational Qualification tests individual components of the instrument or system to pass/fail criteria agreed by you or as laid down by the manufacturer.

As part of our OQ method, we conduct the following tests using calibrated equipment, traceable to NAMAS standards:

HPLC System

  • Flow rate accuracy & precision
  • Gradient composition
  • Column oven temperature accuracy & precision
  • Autosampler linearity, reproducibility & carryover
  • Detector wavelength accuracy, linearity, noise & drift

GC System

  • Oven temperature accuracy & precision
  • Inlet leak test
  • Gas flow rates
  • Detector sensitivity
  • Autosampler reproducibility

On completion, a certificate will be issued for each instrument detailing the pass/fail criteria and the actual result. All test instruments used to carry out OQ are fully traceable to NAMAS specifications.


To ensure your instruments are performing to the best of their ability, and to increase your chances of passing our Operational Qualification tests, why not take out one of our service contracts?

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