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CPWplus Weighing Scales

Durable and versatile, CPWplus series features a wide selection of sizes and configurations.

Capacity: 6kg to 300kg

Readability: 0.002kg to 0.1kg

Astro Compact Scales

Ideal for food service tasks, Astro portioning scales feature a large pan and easy-to-clean stainless steel construction. Readings are shown in green on the large display, changing to red if too much weight is placed on the scale.

Capacity: 2000g to 8000g

Readability: 0.1g to 1g

LBK Weighing Scales

Lightweight and portable, LBK is a superb value for factories, warehouses, labs and offices. Cleaning is simple with the removable stainless steel pan and sealed keypad, while results are highly visible on the large, backlit display.

Capacity: 3kg to 30kg

Readability: 0.5g to 5g

CBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

Fully featured, the CBK tackles a variety of applications, making it the right choice for weighing, checkweighing and basic counting. A portable, streamlined design makes it easy to move the scale to where it is needed next.

Capacity: 3kg to 48kg

Readability: 1g to 2g

ABK Bench Weighing Scales

The ABK delivers reliable performance with industrial-strength durability. A large backlit display with checkweighing limit lights helps streamline shipping and reduce data entry errors.

Capacity: 8kg to 120kg

Readability: 0.2g to 5g

AFK Floor Weighing Scales

Ideal for rugged industrial applications, the AFK delivers reliable performance. Its grade 304 stainless steel indicator is sealed against dust and water. An easy-to-read backlit display streamlines shipping and receiving.

Capacity: 75kg to 600kg

Readability: 5g to 50g

GBK Bench Checkweighing Scales

Ideal for industrial settings, GBK and GBK-M scales are the answer for businesses needing heavy-duty durability and speed.

Capacity: 6kg to 150kg

Readability: 2g to 50g

GFK Floor Checkweighing Scales

With large platforms, high capacities and grade 304 stainless steel pans, GFK and GFK-M scales are ideal for demanding industrial use, including food processing and manufacturing tasks. The GFK-M version is approved for selling by weight.

Capacity: 60kg to 600kg

Readability: 20g to 50g

CBC Bench Counting Scales

The durable CBC is designed for demanding industrial counting tasks. This hardy scale features a numeric keypad for unit weight and sample entry, and the backlit display shows total weight, unit weight and number of pieces.

Capacity: 3kg to 48kg

Readability: 1g to 2g

GBC Bench Counting Scales

GBC offers a combination of features and durability, making it well-suited for industrial counting tasks. A numeric keypad simplifies unit weight and sample entry, while the display shows total weight, unit weight and number of pieces.

Capacity: 16kg to 60kg

Readability: 0.5g to 2g

GFC Floor Counting Scales

Designed for heavy-duty industrial tasks, GFC can capably handle capacities up to 660lb/300kg.

Capacity: 75kg to 300kg

Readability: 0.005kg to 0.02kg

Warrior Washdown Scales

Ideal for washdown applications and clean room environments, the Warrior features an IP66-rated grade 304 stainless steel base and sealed indicator. The oversized, backlit display is bright and easily visible in any lighting conditions.

Capacity: 8kg to 150kg

Readability: 0.5g to 10g

WBW Washdown Scales

Designed for applications needing frequent washdown, WBW and WBW-M scales come in a selection of capacities and readabilities. IP66-rated housing and stainless steel pan withstand demanding industrial environments.

Capacity: 1.5kg to 16kg

Readability: 0.5g to 2g

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