About Us

Established in 1996, Baseline Technology Ltd specialise in the service and repair of gas & liquid chromatography instruments. Our team of experienced engineers provide support for all major chromatography equipment manufacturers. We also buy unwanted instruments and sell reconditoned equipment, as well as supplying OEM parts and consumables.

Our industry expertise has enabled us to build a loyal customer base, including clients in the oil, chemical, food and research industries. We are proud to work with our clients and driven to provide a first rate service.

All of our services are backed up by solid processes, proven to ISO9001 standards.

ISO9001 Cert no. 6715

Our business is built on a great team of people: likeminded, enthusiastic specialists with a strong understanding of the chromatography industry.

Quality of service and a focus on customer satisfaction are the things that set us apart from our competitors, so why not put us to the test and let us help you cut costs while increasing performance?

Chromatography Specialists for Servicing, Supply and Validation.

Established 1996.


Breakdown support with 24-48 hour business day callouts for our contract customers.

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Specialist servicing and preventative maintenance carried out by experienced professionals.

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Used Chromatography equipment supplied fully tested and serviced with a warranty.

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